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The best dance and fitness studio if you want to have fun, learn dance moves, sweat, workout, feel yourself, find and or develop your own dance style, be sexy, sensual, stronger, fitter, better and so much more!!!!!


Each adults’ class is 75 min that at least includes: a warm up, technique, routine, stretching.

Tuesday Flyer - Get Your Groove Back

  Hip Hop Dance

Sensual Sexy Vixen

Back II The 90s

Hip Hop Cardio


Music Video



Each kids’ class is 50 min that at least includes: a warm up, technics, routine, stretching, freestyles.


Summer camps will also be provided for camps and dance camps for adults^^



5 Comments on “DANCE
  1. The best thing I did for myself was to start taking Lya’s classes! She will get you in the mood and make you sweat while you are having the time of your life! Her love for dance is contagious and will make you want to push yourself! A great class with an amazing teacher!:)

  2. Lya’s class is always my favorite class of the week. She will keep you dancing and she is willing to teach you all her fancy moves. I told all my friends to take her class.

  3. Lya you are amazing thank you for the great lessons always. You are so energetic and also patient! I always enjoy my self and feel like I learned something new !We love you

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