Dead Prez: my last 2012 show!

Peace to the world, I hope you are fine fine fine, Sorry I am a little bit late because I was supposed to write my report earlier but you know… Circumstances…
I am actually on the plane to Caribbean Islands for Christmas holidays but it is absolutely not the matter right now, so let’s go back to Dead Prez’s show…

I write that because we were so disappointed about the warm up. The warm up put us just down! At the beginning, the DJ mixed some good tracks but at a moment he just mixed what he wanted to without paying attention to the audience and that is scandalous! When you are the first part of a show like Dead Prez, you have to know that the crowd is waiting for a certain type of music, you have to be aware that the public is a certain age and is here to hear a specific kind a rap music; so you can’t go into commercial middle school and new school rap especially when everybody is boooooing you! Sorry mister DJ but you were so wrong and you made everybody being so mad! That is a shame because you froze the atmosphere. It is not a «warm up» for nothing! Words and expressions are made for something but I don’t think you really understand the meaning of «warm up»… And because of that, the temperature was so cold. And when he left, he also left his nasty music on the stage and nobody changed it. We yelled in order them to changed but nobody moved.

Thank God, DJ Mike Flo came on the stage and put the situation in the right way. He did his best to save the catastrophe and he did much better than that. For those who don’t know DJ Mike Flo, just Google or Youtube his name and you will be surprised!
After his little warm up which was really useful, Dead Prez jumped on the stage and started the show.

(Out of contexte but, it is so funny to see through my window the sky because it is like we would be running after the sun. We flew at 03:00 pm GTM +1 and we all know that during the winter, the sun goes down early, so at 07:49 pm, we would be supposed to be at night but because we are somewhere between France and the West Indies, the jetlag changes and it is still so sunny! We will arrive around 11:30 pm GTM +1 but it will be 06:30 pm in the Caribbeans I think).

When they arrived, some girls were screaming «Uhuru, Uhuru!» (for the meaning, check it on Google). I want to focus a little bit on M1‘s clothes because I just loved the way he was dressed. He wore a baggy jean with African patterns on it and so the same on his black sneakers. That reminded me a baggy jean that I costumized with some African patterns when I was nineteen or twenty years old.

About the quality of the show, it was great dope good jajajajajaja! They performed new tracks like «Learning Growing Changing», and their classics like «Sex Mind» and of course their main rap song «Hip Hop». They talked a lot to explain that their fight «is bigger than Hip Hop» and we should support conscious rap, open our eyes and mind and keep struggling against a system, the fact we have to love and respect our body doing healthy things. Stic Man wrote a book about that but you should go to their website: They also proved that are are talented MC’s by kicking in accapella. Dead Prez have a really good energy and their combination with their official DJ is successful.

After the show they took time to sign some dedications and take pictures… Really humble persons.

Conclusion: Thank God (again) rappers like Dead Prez are wonderful performers on the stage. That is a very big shame that the DJ made such a bad work because we could have been more motivated and gave much more love to our MC’s.

Thank you to Garance Productions, Dead Prez, Mike Flo, Yankee, Dako and Titus. It is always  amazing how you can meet good people at Hip Hop events!

It was my last live report for 2012. I hope you end up your year well. Make a point about what you did good, what you have to improve. Think a lot, be curious about life, be aware and open minded, take care of yourself and people that you love, don’t be selfish, respect anything the Nature created and don’t be stupid!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless y’all.

Peace n kiss.

Lya Pouleyy.

PS: The legendary MC AZ  + PLANET ASIA in Paris suburb on February 02nd 2013 at Le Tamanoir  for TEN FREAKING EUROS… Don’t miss it PEACE!

2 replies on “Dead Prez: my last 2012 show!

  • Clarence Poole

    Peace Lya.
    Merci pour ce très bon résumé de concert.
    Ce dernier fut vraiment chaud, en dehors de cette fameuse première partie.
    C’est dommage, mais ce n’est pas la première fois que les promoteurs n’assurent pas leur programmation avec de vraie première partie, vu le prix que nous dépensons pour les concerts.
    Il est temps qu’ils fassent des efforts.
    Merci à, m1 et surtout au DJ Mike Flo.
    Peace ma Soeur.

    • Lya Pouleyy

      Peace Clarence,

      Je pense qu’il faudrait écrire aux promoteurs car vu le prix des billets ce n’est pas normal d’avoir une première partie aussi peu compétente! Heureusement que le groupe qu’on attendait a mis le feu!

      Bonne année à toi!



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