Healthy over Beauty

Bonjour my MAJESTUOUS peacocks! Hope you are doing well. This is Lya Pouleyy, your wellness créative coach. This is my very first wellness post and I wanted to touch a very important subject to me…

I am not here to tell you that beauty is not important. Unfortunately and fortunately, it is. We are Humans, we are sensitive to beauty, to what attracts our eye. Beauty arouses emotions that draw us to a person, an object etc. As Humans who can see, vision is probably our primary sense. As a creative, (and as myself) I LOVE beauty! I love what positively catches my eye and makes me enjoy what I see, so I totally understand that anyone would appreciate to see somebody who looks good according to their criteria.


NOW, my issue is when beauty becomes the most important thing in the world and when “beauty” remains more important than health!

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a lot when I receive compliments about the way I look, but what I really value is when people acknowledge my health; when people take me as a reference of a healthy person. For instance, unless a super duper crazy catastrophe, you will NOT see me trying to cover up my skin issues. I will do my best to heal it instead of covering up with layers of make up, because make up will just make the situation worst, plus: YOU DO NOT HIDE PROBLEM! You fix it (as much as it is fixable). Fixing, healing, takes time, but we learn how to do better for ourselves on the long run. I took the skin issue as an example but I can relay that situation to any that involves obsession with beauty. I personally always make sure that my beauty touches are an improvement of my appearance, not a game changer! I love myself way too much to face the “weird looks” of people judging me without any artifices. I don’t want to look “sick” because I have no make up on. I always need to love myself simply and naturally before anything else.

I love “looking good” just to stay home by myself as much as I enjoy “looking good” when I go outside. Two of my nieces, always have their make up done and their hair did… To stay home! I value and admire that a lot. And to be completely honest, I don’t give a damn about people out there, because we probably won’t see each other ever again… AND THEY PROBABLY DON’T EVEN LOOK AT ME (and even if they did… Who cares?… Not ME!). I know it is way easier to think that way when you have a sympathetic genetic capital, and we when you have a very strong mind. Plus the society puts a lot of pressure on us (especially women), but we have to be stronger than that for our sanity. Everybody is not good looking and that is perfectly fine. It should be fine. We shouldn’t need to see physical beauty in every Human, because we ave so much more to offer. An ugly person is not less lovable than a gorgeous motherf*cker.

And we tend to fade our lack of health with fake beauty… And this shouldn’t be acceptable. Yesterday, I tried to watch a reality show to understand behaviors, I stopped after one episode because I just can’t… And it was sad and not surprising that the girls were putting so much effort to look, glamorous- gorgeous-f*ckable but the guys… They were wearing beach shorts, sport shirts and… FLIP-FLOPS!!!! Men are luckier in the sense that they can afford to “only” look healthy (or wealthy), they show that they workout, and eat clean. But these ladies looked so unhealthy but glamorous. A lot of fake nails, fake hair (I do fake hair too), boobs jobs, lips jobs, nose jobs, hair dyed, heels etc. They were skinny but not toned, a looooot of make up to cover the messages that their skins sent to them.


I am definitely not here to judge but to give my opinion (kind of the same jajajaja), I even if I “judge”, I do understand and I am open minded enough to understand THE WHY. But I just want you to understand that your health should be your priority. Don’t look healthy, be healthy!!!! As long as you are healthy, you are ultimately gorgeous. Listen to your body’s signs, accept who you are, take REALLY care of yourself, embrace your perfect imperfections, celebrate what you love about yourself (we are not here to be humble^^), and drink water ;-p

I could write more and go deeper but for now, I’d rather to exchange with you guys. No fight either arguments, just genuine convos).


That’s all for me. I am going to enjoy that weather and bike a little bit.


Peace n Kiss.


Lya Pouleyy


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