I introduce to the mic: Gyver… (and Happy birthday!)

Peace to the World… I hope you are better than me because I feel so sad about leaving the Caribbean Islands… But that is not the topic.

Today I want to write about a talented rapper,author, composer, MC, beat maker, artist, graffer, dancer, photographer, Hip Hop activist and  father; I introduce Mr Gyver Hypman!  He took his name by the fact that when he came into the Hip Hop culture, he wanted to practice everything, to learn about everything and being involved everywhere.  We began the interview by a very simple question: “Where did you get your nickname from?”…

“I started by beatboxing then rapping and tagging. I was beat maker in 1987 and one day, a friend told me: “But man, you want to do everything… Do you think you are MacGyver or what??”. So, since 1988, I am GYVER jajajaja.

My meeting with Hip Hop was due to the fact that my cousin who was a tagger and a dancer and he introduced me into this cercle. He made me listening some tracks and that talked to me, that touched me like magic! My father is a musician, more traditional creole music, and that is the reason why my cousin and I were interested to music. I was very young when I did my first dance practices… Something like six years old. The first thing that made me dancing is the transcendence and the beauty of the movement. I saw my cousin’s clothes taking shapes that I’ve never seen before. I was amazed and it was like ET’s were on Earth. That’s the concept of  brand new and exclusive. The fact that I could be unique with my body. But I had to make a choice because I realised very early that if you want to be excellent in something you have to be 100% invested. I love the music, I love dancing and I had to make a choice and I chosed music because when you dance, you hurt your body and I am scared of being hurt. I am more fascinated by intellect than physical. My dad had so many machines, and the fact that I could have results immediatly attraceted me a lot that is why I left dance for music. I think the combination of my skills plus the legacy my father and my cousin are a good mix to be a musician. 

My very first goal in music, was being able of doing some tapes because I was tired of the radio. I wanted a specific music but changing maybe the BPM with another musical flavour, but I couldn’t find that anywhere so I decided to make my own music with these machines. A music that talked to me, which satisfied me, even if it seems megalomaniac jajajaja. Time after time, I noticed that what I did could touch the others. I took this advantage to to express myself physically and mentally. I say physically because I was able to be on stage at eleven or twelve years old  and beatboxing with some rappers. After that we created Rap group in 1988  and Reggae group with my cousins around 1991-1992 but I can’t really give you timelines because I am really bad at that. In 1989, I met almost all the guys from Saïan Supa Crew: Specta, Leeroy, Sir Samuel; we were at school together and began making music together. Sir Samuel and I had a Rap group “MDR” which means ” Maniac Du Rap“. Then my cousin created “Enfants Des Îles”  and repatriated us in until 2000 but Sir Samuel left before to create Saïan Supa Crew. From 2000, after all these years, I could sample because I get my first sampler! Waouw, it was crazy! A friend from Blois Mr Nesh, who recorded “Enfants des Îles” sold me his sampler: a S3000XL. It was beyond my hopes because every samples I imagined in my head, every inspirations I took from De La Soul, Public Enemy were able to be realized! The first time I pressed “play” on it, tears flowed from my eyes and I said to myself, I have to go back to my first love: Rap, Rap and Rap!

In 2005, I produced and realized the most part of Sir Samuel first album “Viser plus haut” and we realized good sales with few promotion, more than 25 000 were sold and it was a huge start for me. Then I worked on Saïan Supa Crew’s album “Hold Up” on which I produced “Zonarisk”. In 2007, I realized my first solo beatmaking project: “Répétitions Vol.I” . Vol.II and III are somewhere in my laptop but in the meantime, I released “The Drop Wise” which was an ambitious projet but I had to stop it because of my health. I wanted to release one beat per week during a year. I released “The Remix Tape” with DJ Taïshi and you will wait for its release because “Monsieur” is now a businessman in leather. And big up to you with 1951!

Today, I’m on my first vocal project: “Cliché d’un stéréo-type” in which I invited Sir Samuel from Saïan Supa Crew, Wonda Wendy, some artists from Quebec, Italy… I’ve chosen this title because I come from differents cultures; I’m Caribbean by my parents, I’m Hip Hop and reggae by my cousin; I also love dancehall and trip hop… When people see me, they don’t expect me to do this kind of music especially with my voice! They expect me to do some boom bap like  rap KRS 1 or EPMD. I have so much influences but I’m not a “cliché”, I look like a stereotype but in fact…

Every track is a frozen picture of a specific moment and I write “Stereo-Type” (“type” is “guy” in french, so I made a pun!) because I’m a man with stereo (my headphone). When I was nine, I asked my father: “Daddy, what does stereo mean?” and he gave me a headphone in explaining to me that it’s the fact to have the effect of depth in music… Then I told to myself that I will never ever listen to the music with only one transmitter… “Stereo” is also a tribute to my father. I try to produce quality because I listen a lot of quality and people around me are very critical. I want to put people in a univers that just exist briefly because music is evanescence. I will not pretend to invent anything because Ihave influences, I have a sampler, I have a Mac book etc… The only one difference is the dosing. For example, if you listen thirty three percent of reggae, seven percent of rap and nineteen percent of heavy metal, your music will be different if you had another dosing. It is the same thing when you make a cake; according to the dosage of the  ingredients, it will taste different. My main influence is my dad because he mostly raised  me, and I always quote him in my lyrics through reflexions, thoughts, spiritual positions… For a long period, he was my only one reference.

In my videos you can see so many appearances of  Sir Samuel because I grew up with him. We were at the same boarding school at Bagneux. When I met him, he was practicing guitar. And you have to know that he’s an excellent guitar player! If you are fans of Sir Samuel, please send him messages for him to go back to guitar. So, after homeworks, we had to take shower (and yes ladies, I saw Samuel naked and he saw me too… We were twelve and he was was shorter than me jajajaja!), and after showering, he always went to a room then one day I asked him what he was doing in this room, and he answered that he was playing guitar. One day he asked me to come with him but I said no because I prefered playing Game Boy!  But he insisted and I came and was amazed to see a twelve years old kid playing guitar with such dexterity in fingers. Everyday I watched him practicing then one day we started to work on melody with his guitar and I told him that I made music because my father has music arranger and I brought him a tape that I made and this is how we started rapping together in 1988.   

 I will shoot video clips because it is important to have visuals and I’m very interested in realising video shoots and photography, drawing, tagging…  With my camera, I shot for Sir Samuel’s album “Vizé Pli Ô”. I love writing, that’s why I love tagging, that is a way to mark something for ever. Writing is powerful.  My name was my first tagg and I was fascinated to see my tagg still visible after months. Today, I still tagg but on paper. One day, a friend needed me for an event and I saw so many pens on table and, by rote, I started drawing and I noticed that I had a particular trace and I develop it.

I produce and realise almost all by myself because when you don’t have funds, you have to be versatile but I don’t mastered, either mix. DJ Reptile , who mixes Casey‘s album that I heard in vinyl, has a mix super clear, perfect. First of all, the lady articulates perfectly so you understand everything that she says; and the music also articulates, you understand each sound, bass drum and snare. That’s why I  solicited his talents, he’s the only who can find this musical balance. To me, vinyl and live are the only sources orgnanic, there is a particular vibration. When you look at a vinyl cover, you look carefully at each details: design, if there is a mistake or not, colors, fonts, pictures. It is like a ritual. Then you take your disc to listen to it and your hear something incomparable. I will do my best to release my project in vinyl…

To finish this interview, at the risk of sounding cliche, love each other, share love, take and respect the love which is given to you. Love is the center of our world. The music you make, the music you listen, the music you dance on, drawing, painting… EVerything is the translation of love…. MAKE LOVE and thanks to my family who always supports me. Peace!




Peace and kiss,


Lya Pouleyy


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