My trip to Puerto Rico

Peace to the world! How have you been? I know it’s been a long long loooooong time I didn’t write to you for the simple reason that the winter over here (NYC) killed me! I needed to warm myself up, so that’s why I followed my two friends Cristinia and Kim to the second edition of “Puerto Rico Rock Steady” event. I sailed to Puerto Rico last year but I was at the other side of the island. This time I was in Aguadilla/ Isabela. This part of the island is repatuted to have the best beaches and the best landscapes. You mihgt ask yourself: “But what is Puerto Rico Rock Steady?” PR-38 First of all, I hope for you guys to be a little bit familiar with the legendary Rock Steady Crew… If you don’t, just click here: . Crazy Legs decided to create three days of: Hip Hop, pool party, barbecues, shows, rap battles, food, beach, DJ’s, laughs, friendship, pizza empanadas, dance, ballads, swimming, photo and video shoots, romance… helped by Cristina and hosted by Voodoo Ray. The schedule was mostly like that: Morning: fitness or dance classes Afternoon: Chill at the beach with music and DJ’s Night: live performances: pool party with DJ, rap battles, Kurtis Blow and La India shows. Now the place: It is a complex of villas that you rent with your friends, family… Of course, they make special prices for the event. Each villa is fully furnished with a large terrace, barbecue area and sea views. You can do your grocery shoppin, put everything in the fridge/ freezer and cook thanks to the stoves and microwaves. There is no transportation and cabs are way expensive, that’s why you would better rent a car (around $25/day). You drive across the city to find pizza empnadas, coconuts, local candies, juices, local food… (yes I know, I just think about my stomac!). The resort is located in Isabela, fifteen minutes away from Aguadilla Airport PR-12 I chose another solution: and I’ve been hosted by the best of the best! PR-67 But let’s go back to the begining! I was so happy to leave the crazy rain in NYC! It rained for fourty eight hours non stop… As if we had a tropical climate! I met my friends at JFK airpot to travel with JetBlue and this is what I saw at the airport: PR-4 03:00 am… I was exhausted..

PR-15  PR-14

If you need to buy make up, headphone, smartphone, charger etc., these vending machines can save your life ^^. PR-2   PR-74 PR-75 PR-76   Around 02:00 pm… I didn’t sleep yet… Let me tell you that my face ordered my brain to punch me and pass out!   PR-18 PR-19 

… But I had a supa dupa nap on the sand ^^. Of course there is NO picture of me sleeping… What did you expect? PR-20 PR-21  

I staid in Aguadilla with my friend Ray. It was very convenient because I had the chance to visit, I had my super guide and I discovered great places, other beaches, restaurants… PR-82 PR-73 PR-72 PR-71 PR-62 PR-63 PR-64 PR-66 PR-68 PR-61 PR-60 PR-59 PR-57 PR-56 PR-55 PR-54 PR-53 PR-50 PR-49 PR-48 PR-47 PR-46 PR-45 PR-44 PR-43 PR-5 This plantain pizza tasted good but MINE was better ^^ .


Here is mine:

After an hour, I already tanned…


Day one of the festival:

Everybody arrived (some of us arrived the day before…). Let me tell you that I met people until the last minute! Even at the airport to come back to NYC… People registered and found their houses for the next couple days. That night, a pool party was organized. It was funny how men were waiting for women to show up in bikini…


After the pool party, we had a nice barbecue and a lot of fun.

Day two:

To be honest with you, I staid at home with my friend, I didn’t feel very well…

Day three:

Food, music, laughters, food, pictures, swimming, food… DJ’s were mixing for us at the beac. I Skyped my little sister to make her jealous ^^

I felt so special when I met J Dilla’s Mother! I know he’s so proud of his Mom, his family. He’s blessing them from Heaven. You can see a mother fighting for her child’s legacy: the love of music, the love of Hip Hop. She understands why he kept being in such a true and beautiful culture until his end. Thank you so much Mama. You can learn more about J Dilla Foundation at: and

PR-42 4 At night, the supercalifragilisticaspialidocious  KURTIS BLOW killed it with an amazing performance!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! He clearly made my trip! Just for him I felt so blessed to be there! I couldn’t help myself smiling. I hope I didn’t look like a goofy person :-S PR-22 Look at him dancing! He rocks on the floor!


I never heard La India before but I was stunned by her voice. It is so powerful and deep…

Then it was the last moments for pictures, conversations, fun, goodbyes… And I met two awesome women: Tia from Washington DC and MC Eturn from Florida. Let me tell you that Eturn is a dope MC. She freestyled a little something for me and I was just amazed! You know… I just thought she was one of these a little girls who pretend to be a MC BUT she rocks on the mic and she is Hip Hop!

Just look, listen and love:

PR-24 PR-25 PR-23         PR-26 I staid one more day in Aguadilla because I always feel good when I am in Puerto Rico. I really think about moving here one of these days…PR-13  pics_paysage PR-34 PR-33 PR-32 PR-31 PR-36 PR-35 PR-37 That’s my girl! Naked, legs opened, feeling the breath on her body, chilling, relaxing, having her nap this way… That’s what’s up! She lives the life! <3 PR-39 PR-40 PR-84 PR-83 PR-28 PR-11   Then I came back to my dear city NYC… (Paris, you will always be my first love!)

Always with my Wu Tang…PR-79 PR-77 Next year, I will do my best to make it again. I really wish and hope that some of my friends from France and this Big Head from Queen will be able to join me for this great adventure! We have have to show to these Americans the french crazy touch!

The next edition is already annouced… Stay tunned:

I’m already famous over here ^^ PR-58 PR-80

Special thank you for Cristina, Kim and Ray!

Peace n kiss

Lya Pouleyy


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  • Cristina

    Lya, the pics are real telling of how beautiful it all was and the write up is great! Thanks for the shout. I was so happy you made it and it was so easy to get you there. I didn’t realize you loved PR so much and I knew you were going to have a great time, because you love good music and good times. You made my trip better. Peace! <3

  • best only

    Howdy! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone!
    Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts!

    Carry on the superb work!


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