Smif N Wessun conference + show (or my best Valentine’s day EVER!)

Peace to the World!

Happy new year and everything that goes with it!

That’s my first post of the year. Since last time I wrote, a lot of things happened in my life… But it’s personal, so let’s not talk about it^^

Last saturday, February 14th 2015, I went to the Smif N Wessun‘s conference + show. General Steele texted me about the event, and honestly, I wasn’t really down to make it… Two days ago, the Hip Hop/ House world lost one of the most incredible dancers and the world lost an amazing woman. Marjory Smarth. This woman was fighting so hard that a lot of people didn’t even know that she was sick! I was supposed to travel to Western France on friday to perform at a festival but I had to cancel the trip because honoring Marjory’s memory is so important to me as a dancer and as a simple Human Being. I was in a real dilemma because I had to choose between my commitment or my heart… I will never forget my first conversation with Marjory, her words to me, the way she behaved with me… And just for that I chose to stay in NYC. I know a lot of people from all around the globe would have loved to be here to celebrate Marjory’s life, beauty and love; and I feel that I’ve to stay for all those I know they can’t be here with us… Whatever my choice (staying or going to France), I would hurt, desappointed people, but I followed my heart and my feelings. I’m heavily sorry (I’m listening “Like Me” of Joey Bada$$

So… Steele texted me in the morning this:

I wasn’t really in a mood to celebrate anything but how can I say no to General Steele? So, I just said YES and the event was litterally couple blocks away from my place.

It’s funny because everyday, when I go to work, I pass in front of the shop, always curious and attracted to this Jordan’s store, but I think about my money and I never stop!!!!! I just slow down a little bit to say hi with my hand but never came in because I knew I would buy something… (That’s why I have to be rich!). The store is located at 302 Malcolm X blvd, 11233 Brooklyn: Jordan Heads Brooklyn. I’ll stop by very soon (when the winter will stop playing with my health!) to take few pictures of the original store because they removed everything to create a stage and a pit. I really like the idea!

7 10

Mic Handz hosted the conference. I just really started to speak with him today and trust me, this man is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!! He’s graphic designer like me, a design clothes as well, he owns a radio show, a magazine and a recording studio. He’s also a MC, he makes Hip Hop events and hosts… I’m pretty sure I forgot something because he’s a Swiss Army Knife!


Uncle T. (Tek) invited his nephews and nieces. Another example of what Hip Hop is. We have to teach our kids about our culture. Tek is like the cool young Hip Hop uncle that you dreamt about. I think you can’t blame the youths for not knowing the basics of our movement if you don’t show them anything or just show them foolishness!

3 12

Uncle T. and his new buddy ^^


Tek and Steele explained how Smif N Wessun started, they talked about the Boot Camp Click family, of course how Dah Shinin’ project started… But here is the conference:


They couldn’t leave us without performing of course! It was so intimate that I felt they were rapping in my living room for me and my guests!















Once the show ended, I stopped by a restaurant to grab something to eat because I forgot to eat all day long… Mac & Cheese + breast fried chicken + my favorite popcorn!!!!! (I know I eat so healthy!) Then walked back home.



I felt re-motivated, re-sourced thanks to Hip Hop. Hip Hop striked again! Hip Hop healed me one more time. I was so sad, I felt so bad and Hip Hop cured me and made me moving on… That’s just amazing! Those who have prejudices about Hip Hop, trust me this culture is POSITIVE!!!! But with everything, some malicious people will take advantage of it to turn it wrong… Of course Hip Hop is not perfect, but Hip Hop is good!!!!

Thank you Hip Hop, thank you Jordan Heads, thank you Smif N Wessun!


I spent my Valentine’s day with my true love… I hope you had as much fun and love as I had ^^

Peace n kiss,


Lya Pouleyy.

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