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Peace to the world!

How have you been? It’s been a freaking long time I know but my laptop died (and I died with it!) and I traveled a lot (UK, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Cameroon…) but we will talk about that later…

Today in Paris, was suppsed to have Wu Block’s  show with Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch + The Pharcyde but it was cancelled. So ,waiting for Method Man and Red Man‘s show, let’s go back to the Wu Legends’ show last July 13th 2012…


I took the bus to go to London with a friend (because we were so broke), who  is the owner of http://backtothebackstage.com/ . We were sponsorised by WRUNG DIVISION  so we wore their tshirts (they have a great tshirt collection!)

We joined one of my brothers from another mother at the HMV theatre. When we arrrived, the line was so furious and we wondered why… When we came closer, we perceived that Method Man won’t be at the show. So many people left but there was still a bunch of people.

We met a girl from Canada and other good people, listened to Wu Tang Clan’s music and chatted a lot. After a long time, Raekwon and his family arrived and we entered with them. It was so crazy to see them because they were surprised to see me (they see me everywhere in the world!). We prepared the merchandising stand then the show started…

GZA, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and DJ Symphony made a really good show with Wu Tang’s classics but also classics from their own albums.

The most magic moment was when they performed “Can’t it be so simple” because everybody put their lights and phones up and it was just a beautiful moment. Ghost made the crowd singing. I recorded it but my nasty voice rapping spoiled the video… Sorry guys, next time I will stay quiet!

Then, we have been to the backstage with the Wu to enjoy discutions, new budies we met and especially the FOOD 😉



I really thank you GZA, Raekwon, Icewater team, Anderson, Omar Sofiane, Audrin and Mary for those days spend in London.


Peace and Kiss


PS: My next concerts



Lya Pouleyy


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