Wu Tang Clan in Staten Island: RedBull Tour

Peace to the world,

As I promised, you have the second part of my RedBull Tour. Two days after Slick Rick’s show in « Le Bronx », another show was organized : Wu Tang Clan was performing at home!

I remember that I left the office around three something, I speeded everybody in order not to be late because the club where we were supposed to go was at « Noman’s Land »… For real ! The club was located at Arthur Kill road… Weird name, isn’t it ? But let me explain to you something… In Staten Island, there were so many crimes, centuries ago and streets are testimonies of murders: Arthur Kill Road, Great Kills Road…
After more than one hour of buses, rain and wait, we finally arrived at the EVE ULTRA LOUNGE in Staten Island.

I took a sit because a discussion was organized from 5:00 to 7:00. Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, Cappadonna and DJ Mathematics were there to explain how they realized “Enter the Wu Tang, 36 Chambers“, what was each’s role, how they wrote it, how they had been inspired for the beats, the rhymes and evrything, where was their studio, the atmosphere, the importance of DJ Mathematics, how they had to represent the Islandtheir neighbourhood…

Here for you, some explanations:

Then we had a break, time for us to find a place to eat but, believe it or not, it was like “Mission Impossible “!!! We found something in a “western bar” (not really good and quite expensive…). Back from the food adventure, I met my brother from another mother Chu Gotz, to take pictures of his artist (he is artist manager and CEO for Mafia Magazine)

Around 09:00 pm, we came back in the club where I met so many Wu fans.

DJ Mick Boogie gave us an amazing set so we enjoyed by dancing, singing and freestyling.

We were waiting for the expected Wu Tang but during the discution, just Raek, Ghost, Masta and Capp were here and a show with just four rappers out of nine… Sorry but that sucks!!!! We were kind of desappointed but still happy to see them 🙂

I definitly LOVE the Shaolin Style Dance ;-p

You can notice that Ghostface has a pager… This guy is oldschool jajajajaja!


But finally.. SURPRISE!!!!! Inspectah Deck, GZA and U-God came too!

This video is a special dedication to a woman who rapped Method Man’s verse on “Protect Ya Neck“. She was perfect!

The show ended up with “Reunited“, and at once again, I was half professional and half fanatic 😉

Unfortunatly, RZA and Method Man were absent… I thought it would be so different without Meth’ because he is the power on stage, but I forgot that I had real entertainers on stage, especially Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna! A huge shout out to Ghostface Killah, I love the way you move!

Outside, I saw Raekwon’s team who were so suprised to see me here and they laughed at me because they say they see me in every part of the globe!

I also took a picture with GZA and met SunGod (Ghostface Killah’s first son) and his manager Skrapp. SunGod is a rapper too, here are two links of him that I like:

With them, it was the beginning of a brotherhood…


Peace n kiss,


Lya Pouleyy


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