For The Love Of You is a 1 year project that will start on November 2018.

Creation is the foundation of life and the arts are one way to access the foundation. Talking,
teaching, transmitting are one of the best tools for life to be meaningful. My paintings, drawings
and graphic design also convey a important part of history that also heal people. With this understanding,
I continue to teach both dance to adults and art while volunteering in an elderly
day center. Even at their advanced age, many of my female students express a lack of confidence,
a lack of love. In their search for loved ones that they can’t be found, their grief and loneliness
would restrict them except they are finding a measure of freedom in finding their voice to release
through art. Since a young age, they have been taught not to speak their minds because “a woman
is not supposed to speak like this or behave like that”. And if they deeply speak their heart,
they will be called cheesy… So a lot of them are frustrated and confused. This intolerable way of
being is why I decided to create the “For The Love Of You” Project, to give a voice back to those
that would be voiceless.

This project will be divided in three different parts:

Workshops (dance/ art/ DIY/ discussion groups)


Dance shows (Christmas, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, International Woman’s Day, NYC Parade)


We will have 3 to 4 workshops per week and we will perform few times in 2019, so it is a committing program.

Each workshop is 3 hours.

Dance: A women’s safe place where they can be themselves, dance their feelings and
emotions without being judged. They will learn a form of love through dance. They will sweat
their doubts, disappointments, frustrations and angers. And they will embrace their femininity,
their desire of being loved, their bodies and souls…

Art: Each session, we will paint on a topics based on love, using different materials:
canvas, cardboard, paper, glass etc. Some of the artworks will be used as background for the

Discussion groups: Here we will talk about our fears as women about love, our doubts, our
misunderstandings, expectations, hopes etc. The discussion group will be accompanied with
finger food and drink.

The project is free (donation are generously accepted to keep the project). 


This project is opened to every woman who are ready to live a lifetime unique experience.


The project will start in November 16th 2018. To register, please email me (Lya Pouleyy): and explain with few lines why you would like to be a part of this adventure^^