The Kamga Ngnie Method



Kamga Ngnie is the name of a kings’ lineage in Cameroon. They are the descendants of the Ancient Egypt people. The last King Kamga Ngnie was a powerful wealthy entrepreneur, a minister in government, a great leader, a strong and fair with his co-citizens, and also an artist, fine dancer who promoted and encouraged personal growth, health and well being through art and dance. He was also strongly convinced that many conflicts in life were the result of self inner issues, but and art and dance could solve them. That is this strong mindset that I incorporate in my “Kamga Ngnie Method”. In “Kamga Ngnie”, you also have “gagné” which means “to win” in French. “Kamga Ngnie” is a way to Victory and success. Each session is a victory towards healing, maintenance, victory, improvement as an individual, as a group.


“The Kamga Ngnie Method” is an innovative program to help individuals, couples, groups bring out the best in them. We pay full attention to our clients. We watch and listen to them. We are challenging, adaptive, understanding with a very recreational method. We help our clientele overcoming their traumas and fears. We want the people we work with to reveal the King/ Queen in them; that is why we focus on your physical and mental health, and also your emotions, your coordination, your performances, your environment, your social/ work life and your longevity. To win, we believe in balance, progress and consistency.

We connect the body to the emotions without talking. We mix dance movements with feelings and sounds. We create a bubble where clients feel safe and not judged but guided.

Unlike the other methods, we provide actual dance classes in addition to the movement therapy. It is important for us to teach you dance moves, rhythm, basic musical education for a complete dance expression of mind and thoughts without feeling any frustration, shame either disappointment. We synchronize body and brain to the work place.

We are convinced that we you are rigorous in dance, you are rigorous in life. Dance is discipline on its own. You understand better the body mechanism, the body balance and logic. Your body posture is improved, you are more elegant, confident, coordinated, concentrated, you reinforce your reflexes, you push your desire of doing better.


We offer dance and art healing sessions, workshops and retreats… to individuals, couples, families, groups, corporate. 

We are based in NYC but we work everywhere. 

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