Lya Pouleyy is a wellness coach and does not provide any medical treatment.

RE method can be complement to a regular therapy.

RE is a one week, three months or one year program between the client(s) and Lya Pouleyy: meet in person (Online option available), online sessions with a small group.

Lya pouleyy respects the social distancing and sanitary protocols.

Because of the Covid-19 situation, the appointments are at the client location or online. Some material and equipment can be shipped (if needed) to the client(s) if Lya Pouleyy and the client(s) agree on an online program.

Lya Pouleyy will always ask for your consent before touching you if needed for the dance, body movement, modeling and other exercise.

Outside Manhattan,NY, transportation fees apply.

Before signing up for RE, a 1 hour appointment is required at no fee.

A survey has to be filled at least 1 week prior the beginning of the program.

Lya Pouleyy provides equipment and material if needed.

Lya Pouleyy will be in touch with you 7-10 days before your session for a short pre-evaluation.

An evaluation will be provided 3-10 days after each session.

Lya Pouleyy remains available via email, social media.



The REboost fees for individuals are $3,799.

The REboost fees for couples are $7,598.

The REboost fees for families are $14,999.


The REdesign fees for individuals are $3,299.

The REdesign fees for couples are $6,598.

The REdesign fees for families are $14,499.


The REstart fees for individuals are $8,999.

The REstart fees for couples are $17,998.

The REstart fees for families are $34,999.


Possibility to book extra session for $250/ hour (2 hours minimum).

If you wish to book extra sessions, the payment is due as you make the booking. 

Therapy sessions are 135-180 minutes for in person sessions and 60 minutes long for online sessions (different for corporations).

 Telephone calls exceeding 15 minutes will be prorated according the regular session fee ($200).

Payment is due while we sign the agreement by check, cash or online payment.

There is no refund.



The RE fees for corporations have to be discussed according to the company needs.  Ask for a quote.



 Please be prompt for all appointments. We send out an email reminder for all appointments 72-48 hours in advance. It is your responsibility to read the email.

There is a 24 hours cancellation policy otherwise, the session IS DUE. (Unless we both agree that your situation was fully beyond your ability to predict or control)

Your session must be rescheduled if you cancel in due time.



Communications between clients and Lya Pouleyy are privileged and confidential and may not be disclosed without the specific authorization of the client except under specific, limited circumstances. For example, the privilege does not apply in a civil commitment proceeding in which the issue is whether the individual is a danger to self or others. Records may also be subject to audit by regulatory authorities. Also, reporting laws create exceptions. 

The client is asked to fill a confidentiality form.

In most situations, I can only release information about your session to other professionals working with you) if you sign a written Authorization form. You will have the option to either give or decline consent. 

There are 2 specific situations covered separately by your signature on this Agreement: 

· Periodic consultation with mental health colleagues, all of whom are legally bound to maintain confidentiality. During these case reviews, every effort will be made to avoid revealing your child’s name/identity.  

· Communication for protection. If you threaten to harm yourself, I may be obligated to contact family members or others who can help provide protection. 

There are some situations where I am permitted or required to disclose information without your consent: 

· Court order. If you are involved in a court proceeding and a request is made for information concerning your child’s treatment, I will not disclose that information without your consent, unless there is a court order to do so. 

· Health oversight activities. If a government agency requests information for health oversight activities, I may be required to provide it. 

· Legal complaint. If you file a complaint or lawsuit against me, I may disclose relevant information in order to defend myself. 

If such situations arise, I will make every effort to fully discuss them with you before taking action, and I will limit my disclosure to what is necessary. 

It is important that we discuss any questions or concerns you may have about confidentiality. Please feel free to bring these up with me. 


 Among the exceptions to confidentiality are New Hampshire reporting laws which require licensed psychotherapists to report to the appropriate authorities’ certain types of conduct. For example, any person who suspects a child or incapacitated adult has been abused, neglected, or exploited must report to state authorities. I am required to warn the police or likely victims of client’s “serious threat of physical violence” to a person or property. There are also other reporting laws. 




Generally, the session with a minor (under the age of 18) must be authorized by a parent or someone else with legal authority. Parental control over a minor includes parents without residential responsibility for a child retain decision making authority over the child. When parents with decision-making authority cannot agree on access to or release of their child’s confidential information, a court will decide following a hearing.

Consistent attendance is very important for an effective program. 


If one parent is unavailable and we determine that it is appropriate to proceed with the consent of only parent, the absent parent will have the right to the child’s treatment records upon request while the child is a minor unless there is a court order to the contrary. If the continuation of treatment becomes an issue, it is the responsibility of the parents to resolve the disagreement in court.

In New Hampshire, all information regarding your child’s therapy file is considered privileged and therefore can only be released in limited circumstances. If there is a dispute about whether your child’s privileged records should be released, the court must determine what is in the child’s best interests. It is your responsibility to ensure that this issue is brought to the court’s attention. As your child’s therapist, I will be unable to provide therapy files or information to anyone until the court has determined what is the child’s best interest.