Wellness Créative Coach


Because life is not only Black & White, we need a bit of everything to be the best version of ourselves.
Before being an entrepreneur/ a CEO/ a business owner/ an independent, you are a daughter, a son, a partner, a friend, a parent, a neighbor, an acquaintance... And before all of that you are you... Which is a lot!!

Because we need self-discipline but also need to let oneself go.

Because we need to think outside the box, but also fit in while creating your own shape.

Because we need to heal but our pain can also be our fuel.

Because we need to be rational but we know the power spirituality

Because we are adults but our Inner-child needs to get out.

Because we need Yin & Yang.

Because we need positive and negative.

Because we need wisdom and also recklessness.

Because we need to speak and sometimes remain quiet.

Because it's never too late but we don't waste time.

Because we need energy but we also need calm.

Because our business is so serious but we definitely need some fun.

Because we need to be so serious but also also need distraction.

Because we need to eat clean but we have this cool event with some amazing junk food.

Because we want to wake up early but our brain is at its best at night.

Because we spend a lot of time in front of our desk so we need to dance.

Because we are tired of numbers and we need to paint flowers.

And it is for all these "because" that, balance and alignment are the keys to success. Let's replace all the "but" by "AND"

Your Body, Mind, Soul and Emotions need to be align as you grow, maintain and expend your business.


I believe in unconventional and expressive coaching: creative healing, art, craft, dance and body movement, self-image acceptance, healthy relationship with food; we create together the healthy lifestyle that is essential for your personal and professional evolution.

This is why I created “RE”. More than a wellness coaching program, “RE” is a lifestyle. A non verbal, creative, artistic and understanding method to align your 4 dimensions (Body Mind Soul Emotions) and manifest a well rounded lifestyle.

When you can’t find the words, your body, feelings and creativity come into action. That’s why I created a program where your Higher-self and Inner-child can communicate to help you healing from your traumas, accept and love yourself. A holistic approach with:



Paint, draw, craft, body paint, digital art, outdoors art, air paint, write…

To help  you to visualize and put into form what is blocking you, what is really hurting you from the core. 

A great way to identify the problem(s), communicate with people you might not be able to communicate with, reset and rebuild.

It is also a sensational way to realize the amazing things in your life, to express gratitude, forgive and be forgiven.




Spatial awareness, body (and music) understanding and mechanism, coordination: body-brain-music,  dance routine, stretching, expression, creation, workout.

A well-known way to reconnect with your spirituality, with your Higher-self. Let go, speak with your chest, your arms, your spine, your hips, neck and toes… Express your joy, your pain, your anger, sadness, your love, your sensuality, your desires…

Nothing better than dance to practice an artistic discipline while working out^^




Image re-appropriation, body language, postures, confidence, runaway, photo-shoot

Another activity to celebrate your temple and reconnect with your image, by accepting and improving it: self-love, self-esteem, self-embracing.




The way you eat is the way you carry yourself, the way you love yourself. In other words: your food is your mirror!

Understand your body’s needs, adapt a diet to your lifestyle, remove the traumas and stereotypes, create healthy yummy quick recipes and snacks.